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Michael (Coach Mike) Mosby, a husband, father, nonprofit founder (Raising the BAR Community Development), High School Head football coach, professional musician, Life coach, and Motivational speaker, grew up in a single parent home where his mom raised him and his brothers. At an early age Mosby took a great interest in sports, especially football. Growing up in a musically inclined family, Mosby found music as a great pastime. After working with youth in various programs in 2003, Mosby began his motivational speaking to middle and high schools in his hometown.  He later began to travel across the country telling his story, motivating young people to make positive choices. In 2018, Mosby pivoted to speaking to and empowering other community leaders, coaches, and corporations’ teams. This pivot came after launching a short film on YouTube titled ‘Untold Emotions.  Coach Mike is known to bring electrifying, thought provoking, and challenging presentations as his passion for people to win exudes throughout his delivery. Coach Mike has shared large platforms with many influential leaders and have been invited as the keynote for monumental moments such as Neighborhood Walmart’s MLK’s 50th Commemoration, Nike 11-on football camp with Kansas City Chiefs and other notable moments. In 2020, he released his first E-book, Make Moves That Count #21GemsfortheDriven on Amazon Kindle. Coach Mike aims to broaden the horizon of his reach to empower leaders and entrepreneurs nationwide and to continue his focus on the expansion of his nonprofit, Raising the BAR. His message to the world simply put is to “Make Moves That Count”.


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